With over 35 years of experience in the arts and culture non and for-profit sectors, Vince lends to individuals and organizations his accumulated expertise obtained through creating and producing a multitude of successful and award-winning stage and television productions, one-off events and multi-day festivals.

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In addition, he has founded various operating companies and groups.  He works with non-profit and private corporations, municipalities and ad hoc groups.  Vince has conceived many ideas overseeing them through to completion. On a local scale, he works directly with communities and organizations, small and large, looking to create a brand of activity that builds tourism, economic sustainability, and regional pride.

Vince is the inventor of “creaCtivity”, creative activity that inspires and bonds neighbourhoods and communities. He also invented “E-I-E-I-O”, (Entertaining, Inspirational, Educational, Integral and Original), a system of creating and developing successful community-based projects and events.

From working through creative blocks to raising the necessary finances to maintain day to day operations, Vince’s expert advice and guidance can assist anyone or any group in the arts and culture sector, whether they are at the start-up stage or in need of reorganizing. Working in a variety of formats from one-on-one Skype sessions to multi-day group think-tank conferences Vince leads, advises, confers and advances towards success.

Areas of expertise: 

  1. Creative research, development, and direction
  2. Event production and management
  3. Community recruitment, organizing, and leadership development
  4. Grant writing and finances
  5. Developing and implementing marketing creative and plans – all media, public relations
  6. Fundraising and sponsorship development programmes
  7. Festival planning A-Z
  8. Stage and Television programme  conceptualizing, financing through to production
  9. Steps to organizing start-up groups, setting up plans for governance, developing financial and business plans
  10. Audience development – nurturing and maintenance