Fun Stuff

“For no other reason here’s a bunch of photos for fun”.  – Vince

NIA 007_0002

This is Nia Vardolas. She ran the box office for one of my Toronto plays “Quiche My What!”


thumb_catherine & me_1024

I spent my early years with Catherine O’Hara. She still has the same laugh.


thumb_Classic Weekend Guy 009_0002_1024

This is me on the Dini Petty Show. I was her go-to guy for cottage and weekend stuff. 


thumb_e macho_1024

I love this. Whenever they needed someone Italian they called me.


This is when I was doing “The Weekend Guy”  

Martin & Goldie

Martin Short and Goldie Hawn in my home TWG Gallery.


Goldie at my house with a copy of “The Weekend Guy”


Me and Shannon Tweed before she became Mrs. Gene Simmons.