In Development

Continuing to explore new avenues Vince is developing new projects for stage, film, and television.  CHECK OUT OUT WHAT’S IN DEVELOPMENT 




“Forever Eighteen and F*ck Death” (F.E.F.D) breaks the norm as an uplifting and sometimes irreverent  lifestyle series celebrating senior living without being patronizing or condescending. Hosted by producer/writer/humourist Vince Grittani, the series covers everything from working beyond retirement, travel, finances, residential alternatives, family, relationships, style, entertainment, technology, recreation, food, culture, and health from a senior’s perspective.

Muse posterThe film version of his award winning stage play “Quiet I’m Talking”  & short story “The Grass Widow”  call  “My Father’s Secret Muse”

A dramatic series about human trafficking on the Great Lakes  –“Hiding Behind God”

A comedy that follows four women, once college roommates who decide to once again share a home “What Women Say to Women When Men Aren’t Around”. 


At the height of the swinging 60’s in London, a young university professor is surprised when a woman in a burqa appears at his door, a gift from the father of an Arabian prince he tutored.  “The Professor’s Gift”



“Nightmare Over Nelson Falls”   Whennightmare logo1 a town is threatened by a series of fatal dog attacks it is discovered to be an act of vengeance for a murder committed twenty-five years ago.

“St. Patrick Saves Boston” A week before St. Patrick’s Day, God, a woman, sends Patrick, a recovering alcoholic, down to expel Lucifer, a congressional by-election candidate known a S.Nake.



“Ninety-Nine Christmases” A teenager poet in need of a melody in order to win a local Christmas song contest is assisted by Santa’s lost musical son, Noël, the first.

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