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Life Network’s “Real Life”

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Vince and his dog Pistol going “Up North”  on Cottage Life Television

Long before there was a barrage of lifestyle channels,  Vince Grittani appeared on “Cottage Life Television”, which he also wrote and produced.


With Cloud at Hodge Podge Lodge

He brought to the show his knowledge and love of the outdoors, merging it with his quirky humour, eventually earning his own segment “Scenes From My Dock”. He left the show for a weekly spot on Life Network’s daily programme “Real Life” for a few seasons. It was here he was able to expand beyond the cottage lifestyle and was appropriately named “The Weekend Guy”, a name that he developed into his own show for CanWest Global and has aired throughout the globe. Samples of his appearances can be viewed on THE WEEKEND GUY.



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On location with “The Weekend Guy Series”

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Dini Petty Show

Vince went on to appear on several other television and radio shows along with personal appearances at events including “Dini Petty”, City TV’s “Breakfast Television”, CBC’s “Here and Now” to mention a few.



Parallel to being “The Weekend Guy”, Vince also wrote for other television series including Jim Henson’s Muppet’s “Dog City”,  Nelvana’s “Tales From the Cryptkeeper”, “Neverending Story”, CBS’s “Sweating Bullets”, “Criss Cross”CBC’s Wimzie’s House, soap opera “Family Passions”, and the unreleased “Chester Cheetah Show” cancelled by parental pressure groups and one of the best animated series he ever wrote!